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Sports Massage

Dawn Adams

Sports massage is a form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissue. Too often, people believe that only those participating in high level sport can benefit from sports massage therapy, however this is simply not the case. Anyone, whether regularly active or not will gain benefits such as reducing tension, aches and muscle pain which can develop from occupational and everyday activities. Alongside conventional medical care, sports massage can help to support people affected by (or living with) back pain, muscle and joint injuries, headaches and postural related pain conditions, and help them to cope with the related symptoms.

A sports massage therapist will use a variety of techniques throughout a treatment, which may help maintain and improve muscle tone, flexibility and range of motion. Sports massage has both physiological and psychological benefits. These include:

  • helps relaxation
  • improves mood
  • aids sleep
  • relieves tension
  • relieves anxiety and stress
  • promotes a sense of general well-being

Dawn completed her Sports Science degree at St Mary’s University in 2003, returning in 2020 to complete her ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage.  She has worked in the sport and leisure industry for over 20 years, as a sports coach, fitness instructor and personal trainer. 

During her time as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, Dawn worked with a variety of clients, helping them achieve their goals. From marathon runners to those preparing for the ski season; to triathletes and those wanting to get back into shape after pregnancy. She is also an indoor cycling and Level 2 Fitball and trampoline instructor!

Understanding the needs of individuals is of paramount importance. Dawn’s treatments are tailored to the individual, so whether you are looking to reduce muscle tension, aid recovery from an injury, increase your flexibility or simply reduce stress and relax, Dawn will ensure the sessions meet your needs. 

Dawn is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and working towards her ITEC Level 4 Diploma in Sports Massage. 

Contact Dawn

Call: 07846 501308
Email: info@aurorasportsmassage.co.uk