bodhi somatics - moving with ease


Gayle Hocking B.Ost. P.O.D. CESMT. B.A.(Hons.)

We all have the innate intelligence to self-monitor and self-repair.

Over time, through our choices and how we respond to the stresses of the world around us, we habituate certain reflex patterns that cause tension, inflammation and pain, both physically and emotionally. We forget how to move in an efficient way (sensory motor amnesia).

Somatics is a series of movements that allow us to un-learn those patterns, at a central nervous system level, through a technique called pandiculation (tightening into the contraction, internally sensing the release and using breath work to fully relax).

Old patterns and discomfort are released, throughout the whole body, allowing pain-free function and health to be restored, naturally.

Using gentle movements, we relearn how to take back voluntary control throughout the whole body, but more fundamentally, we rediscover our sense of who we truly are within – reawakening and reconnecting mind, body and spirit.

Gayle has qualified as a Somatic Educator, which allows her to apply the movements, in a clinical context, in conjunction with her extensive osteopathy training in adults and paediatrics. She is also able to run small group classes, to empower people to resolve their discomfort for themselves. Some of the movements allow the release of stored emotions within the body. Gayle is trauma informed and able to provide additional support in this area, should it arise.

All movements are extremely gentle and ideal for anyone, ranging from children to adults.

You may not be able to control all the events that happen to you,
but you can decide not to be reduced by them.

(Maya Angelou)

somatics video example 1
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