Jo Brimmell, Nutrition, Energy and Wellbeing Practitioner in Egham

Jo Brimmell

BSc Hons, PGCE, SPLD, PG Dip, PG Cert, AFMCP

Nutrition, Energy & Wellbeing Practitioner

Jo has a keen interest in health and completed post graduate training in 2013 in Adult Nursing and has worked in GP surgeries as a practice nurse since, with people of all ages. She helps people to manage chronic conditions, as well as promoting health – something she is passionate about!

Jo originally gained a degree in Sports Science in 1998, before entering primary school teaching for 18 years: this has given her a broad range of experience and the ability to see things from different perspectives.

In 2016 Jo herself developed a form of inflammatory arthritis (palindromic), and with no end to crippling pain in sight she embarked on her own journey to overcome it, which she successfully did through an elimination diet. She then went on to train in nutritional therapy and has since helped many people to overcome their health issues, including diabetes and autoimmune conditions, with a particular focus on gut health. She has also completed training modules in ‘Long Covid’ and ‘Applying Functional Medicine to Clinical Practice’, in order to help get to the root cause of health problems. This module led to Jo’s discovery of herbs; she has recently completed a Sensory Herbal Apprenticeship and has begun to look at how our native herbs can also support our health and the importance of connecting with nature.

In 2018 Jo discovered the Energy Alignment Method which is a blend of kinesiology, neuroscientific research, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Positive Psychology and Eastern practice. By combining these concepts EAM allows you to be in ‘flow’ – a harmonious state where you feel totally in tune with life, and where wellbeing and health is optimised. Jo is a fully qualified EAM Mentor.

EAM is a really beneficial tool for enhancing mental health through allowing the release of negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs and reprogramming the brain with more positive associations. It is also a great technique for supporting people to make changes on their journey to health.

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