National Stress Awareness Day

National Stress Awareness Day Fatigue (not feeling refreshed when you wake up, even after a long sleep) Brain fog or inability to concentrate Anxiety High emotions, feeling of tearfulness Craving sweet and salty foods and/or alcohol Weight gain Difficulty sleeping Reproductive system disruption (abnormal periods, erectile dysfunction) Changes to digestive function – bouts of reflux,…

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Motion is the Lotion

Motion is Lotion! Move it or Lose it! Something hurts. What do you do? Rest? Stop moving? Take some painkillers? You might be surprised to know that the best thing you can do, for many aches and pains, is actually to move MORE. There are some conditions which can be made worse by exercise, but…

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Bone and Joint Week – Arthritis Day

  To celebrate World Arthritis Day we’re busting some myths about arthritis: increased exercise is actually GOOD for osteoarthritis running isn’t the main cause of osteoarthritis in knees you aren’t destined to develop it just because one of your parents had it, or because you’re getting older clicking your joints or popping your knuckles will…

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COVID-19 Update

We have attached a video to explain what to expect once we are up and running again. Please continue to watch here and follow/like our Facebook page www.facebook/stillhouseclinic.

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Osteoarthritis awareness, Still House, Egham

Osteoarthritis Awareness Month

Osteoarthritis affects about a third of the population, over the age of 45, in the UK and is thought to result from damage to the joints.  Over time this can result in pain and stiffness. June is the National Osteoarthritis Month and we thought you might like a little more information on top tips to…

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Waitrose Egham

Waitrose Egham Parking

Did you know that parking at Waitrose Egham has changed? What does this have to do with us? Why not combine your appointment with some shopping as you can now park free, for two hours, if you spend £10 at Waitrose. Your car registration is recorded. Then you just need to collect a voucher in…

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Blue Card Holder Discount

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the Blue Card programme for members of the Forces and NHS. If you are a Blue Card holder we will now offer a £10 discount on your first appointment and a £5 discount on any follow-up appointments. Just show us your card to received the discount…

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yoga room (close up)

Yoga for Healthy Backs

This course of gentle but thorough yoga classes will focus on improving back flexibility and strength and on teaching correct postural alignment. You will learn how to use breathing and relaxation to help with episodes of pain and discomfort. Patricia will provide you with a sequence of exercises to practice at home between classes and…

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